Danilo Pérez’s Global Big Band featuring the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra, Luciana Souza, Miguel Zenón, Layth Sidiq, Tareq Rantisi and Oscar Cruz

As a solo artist and as a collaborator with jazz giants from Dizzy Gillespie to Wayne Shorter, for over three decades Grammy-Award Winning Panamanian Pianist-Composer Danilo Pérez has been lauded as one of the most creative forces in contemporary music. With Jazz as the anchoring foundation, Pérez’s Global Jazz music is a blend of Panamanian roots, Latin American folk music, West African rhythms, European impressionism – promoting music as a borderless and multidimensional bridge between all people.

Pérez’s Global Big Band is a project that involves musicians from Around the World promoting music as a tool for intercultural dialogue.
“Wayne Shorter told me to write and play music the way you want the world to be like. And Dizzy Gillespie taught me that we can create a cultural passport through music to bring people together.
After my experience as an Artist in Residence for the Detroit Jazz Festival 2013, the Global Jazz Big Band continued its development with educational and artistic exchanges that celebrate the special connection between Detroit and Panama.”

At the 2015 Detroit Jazz Festival, Pérez premiered The Detroit World Suite (La Leyenda de Bayano), tracing the migration of African and Middle Eastern cultures to America. This piece showcased our shared Pan-African connections through jazz. The Detroit World Suite was recreated again at the Panama Jazz Festival 2016, with an ensemble composed of students from Wayne State University, local Detroit musicians, Panamanian musicians from the Danilo Pérez Foundation, and students from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, directed by Detroit Jazz Festival Artistic Director Chris Collins.

This year the Global Jazz Big Band project will feature the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra (USA), Luciana Souza (Brazil), Miguel Zenón (Puerto Rico), Layth Sidiq (Iraq), Tareq Rantisi (Palestine) and Oscar Cruz (Panama).

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