Artist Submissions

Interested in performing at the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival during Labor Day weekend? Now’s your chance! We are currently accepting submissions for performance slots at our 40th annual event. Scroll down to find the category that best suits you, then complete the application form and upload three music samples.

Please Note:

Though the forms below can be filled out on mobile devices with larger screens like tablets, we highly suggest using a desktop or laptop computer instead.



Open Submission Application

The Open Submission Application offers professional artists in any jazz-genre/historical model and at any stage in their career, the opportunity to secure a paid performance slot at the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival.

Detroit Jazz Festival 2019 Collegiate Combo Competition Presented by Taipei 101


The Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation and Novi based jazz club and fine restaurant Taipei 101 have teamed up to celebrate the excellence and opportunity inherent in Michigan’s college and university jazz programs. Where once jazz was viewed as an inappropriate area of study in Colleges and Universities, now jazz degree programs and ensembles are a central part of many music departments across the country. These programs are led by some of the leading jazz artists in the world and offer students powerful mentoring, valuable information, creative directions, and unique performance opportunities. The 2019 Collegiate Combo Competition seeks to reward those student musicians who have developed the discipline, artistry, and professionalism to thrive in this competitive and demanding environment.

New Project Series

The New Project Series at the Detroit Jazz Festival seeks to support jazz artists/ensembles (five piece or larger) in the national premiere of a new project (i.e. the project has not been presented at a festival or any venue exceeding a 50-person capacity). The project must be 55-70 minutes in length.

The Series offers professional artists, at any stage in their career, the opportunity to receive an honorarium ($2,000-$5,000) and a performance slot at the 2018 Detroit Jazz Festival.

Original Voices Series Application

The Original Voices Series at the Detroit Jazz Festival seeks jazz artists/ensembles of excellence who epitomize originality – compositionally, improvisational, texturally, etc.

The Series offers professional artists at any stage in their career the opportunity to receive an honorarium ($1,000-$4,000) and a performance slot at the 2018 Detroit Jazz Festival.

Curtis Fuller National Jazz Trombone/Low Brass Competition

In honor of the Curtis Fuller’s lifetime of artistry and leadership, the Detroit Jazz Festival is seeking to recognize and provide performance opportunities to outstanding jazz trombonists, tubists, and baritonists (35 years of age or younger ) whose artistry reflects the commitment to tradition and search for originality that are tenants of Curtis Fuller’s virtuosity.

Click the button below to see contest details, prize info, and apply for the contest.

There will be more artist submission applications coming soon so please check back for more info!